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Against the Spread :: Week 9 Picks

by Kimberly Southwick

Would I be better at picking against the spread if I played Fantasy Football? Yes. I would probably be better, but I also would have no time to do anything except play Fantasy Football if I played Fantasy Football the way it needs to be played. I also might do better if I picked less with my heart and more with my football-brain. But I can’t bring myself to not pick the Eagles– though I’m glad they’re getting points this week. I don’t think Vick should’ve started last week– not that I can blame the coaches for wanting to believe he was healthy considering their second string quarterback, Nick Foles was concussed. Foles will be starting Sunday against the Raiders, but with his poor performance against the Dallas Cowgirls in mind, I’m really not sure why the Eagles are only getting 2.5. Maybe Oakland really is that terrible? We’ll see. I have always loved their fans’ craziness. I bet a few days after Halloween it will be in full effect. If Foles gets hurt or sucks again, the guy next in line for the job is 23-year old rookie Matt Barkley, who’s been in for less than 2 games, fumbled the ball once, and thrown four interceptions.



OAKLAND @  VS  EAGLES!! ==================== 2.5

CAROLINA @  VS  ATLANTA ==================== 7.5

KANSAS CITY   VS  BUFFALO @ ================= 3.5

DALLAS @  VS  MINNESOTA ===================  10.5

NEW ORLEANS  VS  N.Y.  JETS @ =============== 6.5

SAN DIEGO  VS  WASH SKINS @ ================ 4.5

TENNESSEE  VS  ST. LOUIS @ ================== 3.5

SEATTLE @  VS  TAMPA BAY =================== 16.5

BALTIMORE  VS  CLEVELAND@  ================ 2.5

NEW ENGLAND @  VS  PITTSBURGH ============= 6.5

INDY COLTS  VS  HOUSTON @ ================== 2.5



DALLAS VS MINNESOTA ————— ( 46.5 ) —————— OVER / UNDER

SAN DIEGO  VS  WASH SKINS ——– ( 51.5 ) —————– OVER / UNDER

GREEN BAY VS CHICAGO ————– ( 50.5 ) —————– OVER /UNDER



GREEN BAY @  VS CHICAGO ================== 11.5




I’m watching the Notre Dame/Navy game on TV right now, after watching the TU/RU game. Rutgers came from behind and won it, just like last year, but this year Temple and its true freshman QB covered the spread. My family and I were at the Temple/Rutgers game last year, divided between alum and affiliations on who we were rooting for, though our seats happened to be on the Rutgers “side”. Funny how college games are still divided by side like high school games. Spreads in these college games are always so hard to go against or so hard to go for. For instance, in Florda State v. Miami, the fact that Miami is getting that many points made me want to pick Florida State. Whereas, with Temple, against local rivals Rutgers, I expected it to be a closer game and for them to cover by at least a touchdown and then some.  The Notre Dame/Navy game is now tied at a touchdown apiece. This means I’m winning by 15.5. Considering it’s still the first quarter, I’ll hold my tongue. They’re doing a really cute job on NBC letting the players introduce themselves and say something about their teams or themselves: one guy just told us he wanted to attend Hogwarts. Adorable.


PENN STATE @ VS  ILLINOISE ================== 10.5

RUTGERS @  VS  TEMPLE ==================== 11.5

MICHIGAN STATE @  VS  MICHIGAN ============= 4.5

NOTRE DAME @  VS  NAVY ==================== 15.5

AUBURN  VS  ARKANSAS @  =================== 7.5


FLORIDA STATE @ VS   MIAMI ================== 22.5

Most other blogs where people post their picks, they tell you really specific reasons why they’ve chosen the teams they picked, like so-and-so is inactive and this team is due for a loss at home. I definitely wrote about this the first time I posted my picks online, but I think that arguments like that are hard against the spread. The underdog’s getting points, be it 1.5 or 22.5, makes the games difficult to pick. I think CBS Sports should let my picks go in a column next to all of their experts’.  It could say “CBS Experts’ (and Kim’s) Picks Against the Spread”. I mean, why not?

About kimannjosouth

Kimberly is the founder and editor in chief of Gigantic Sequins. She has a chapbook EVERY SONG BY PATSY CLINE (dancing girl press, 2014) and a website: kimberlyannsouthwick.com

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