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Looking in on The Ashes Australia

8:30 pm, 12/5 EST.  I won’t mince words here.  Australia is currently 519 runs to 8 fallen wickets in ONE innings at the Adelaide Oval (2nd day).  Oops: 527 runs.

That is just how cricket is going at The Ashes in Australia.  The Aussies are piling it on, no declaring the innings to put England out of their misery.  Michael Clarke scored 148 of those runs before he was caught out.  BJ Haddin is just now out, at 118. 

532/9. 542/9. 551/9. 570/9…and Australia declares.  They’ve racked up 570 runs in one innings and, while the wicket-falling pace increased for a time, Australia was just too hot and England struggled with fielding.

England only has 20-some overs until the end of the second day of the Test.  They have to score 371 runs to avoid a follow-on (when Australia can make them bat two innings in a row).

7:48 am, 12/6 EST. I admit I fell asleep in there, several times.  The gentle tones of cricket announcers lulled me to sleep, rather like baseball broadcasts do.  What’s really great is I put on live video of the West Indies vs. New Zealand on espncricinfo.com and probably watched about five minutes of it before I dropped off.  It’s not that cricket is boring, but the sudden drop in my stress level defeated me.

Back to Australia.  England batted 21 overs and racked up a whopping 35 runs.  They also lost Captain Alistair Cook in a pure bowler vs batsman moment.  Very unfortunate for England, but cap tip to bowler Johnson.

Essentially, if England is to have a prayer, they need to capitalize on the flat pitch, solve the bowlers, and Be Aggressive (B-E Aggressive!).




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