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LIVE Blogging, Costa Rica v. Italy / Swiss v. France

italy costa ricaHi everybody! Your World Cup correspondents here at Poets On Sports, Christopher Beard and Caleb Washburn, are carrying on a conversation while watching today’s first two matches today! This post will be updated at half and after each game, so be sure to check back regularly. As it is a chat conversation, spelling and grammar have gone out the window.
Christopher Beard:  hey
Caleb Washburn: hey. sorry, had a bit of late start getting out of the house
CB: No problem. The first 15 have been fairly cautious
Are you able to get the game at the coffee shop?
CW: yeah, on univision
what’s the time for the game where you are; sometimes there’s a lag on univision. I’m at 16:15
CB: Sounds like a coffee shop that may have a nice Cortado. How well do you know Spanish?
yes, 1730 as I type this
CW:i don’t know spanish too well\
but i pay better attention to the game without the announcers, actually.
Joel Campbell has some really beautiful play.
CB: He was brilliant against Uruguay. That corner at 19:00 could use some work.
CW:haha. i saw it right as you said it. and yes it could.
(i might actually stream onlineto see if i can find a feed that’s more up to date)
CB: Costa Rica is on the attack much more often than the Azzurri so far–but did you see the Italy-England game?
CW:i only saw bits here and there. i was shopping and was ducking into every bar that had the game on.
CB: Did it seem like England was on the attack each time you dipped in?
CW:it did, with the occasional great break by super mario.
CB: I was watching with my family (and thus, only intermittently since they don’t care) and every time I looked over England was pressing. It seems like Italy is very comfortable playing that way–they got their quick strikes when they needed them.
CW:with england eliminated, how good of a shot do you think Cost Rica has of exiting the group?
CB: Super Mario nearly just broke it there (23:00 ish) Costa Rica looks great, actually–they need at least a draw here though, to keep an edge over Uruguay, and to keep Italy needing points in the last game. 

How about you?

Caleb Washburn I agree that they need a tie here, but I think a tie is very gettable against Italy, because of how defensive oriented they can be
 CB OOh! great chance, and a bad shank by Motta. That’s the kind of play that can really deflate Costa Rica if it chances in.
 CW but I think a win against a down-and-out England is right there for them to take.
(I say that not having seen the Uruguay-England game)
 CB It could be. You have to wonder if there is any English pride remaining, or if they will look more like the winless French side that lost to South Africa in 2010.
I watched the second half, and England doesn’t play well as a team. It’s absurdly disappointing considering some of the skill they’ve shown individually.
Wow! What a chance from Pirlo-Balotelli. are you at 30:30?
 CW just now at 30:30. I think i’m about 15-30 seconds behind
oh wow.
 CB I’m going to pause my DVR for 30 seconds and see if we are in line. How did he not score there!? I can’t tell who is more ripe to take the lead right now.
 CW that was almost gorgeous. great try
Super Mario really makes Italy a much more interesting team. When they one the world cup 8 years ago, I thought their style was almost unwatchable.
 CB and I have disliked them ever since. Another great chance–and a great save by Navas.
I may be misspelling many of these names.
 CW And he has another great chance that just isn’t quite taken advantage of.
 CB Offsides at 33:30. Italy is looking better and better at this point.
 CW I think we’re even w/ each other now. And Italy is getting some really great movement w/ the ball.
 Sent at 12:36 PM on Friday
 CB So, who are you cheering for in this World Cup, aside from, presumably, USA?
 CW I’m actually really happy Chile is playing well, because I was really looking for them to go far.
I loved how they played in the last world cup, but was worried when they got paired with Netherlands and Spain.
And then I’m rooting for Argentina, but when I say that I’m really just rooting for Messi, and really in rooting for Messi I’m rooting for an end to the myth of Maradona.
 CB Chile and Colombia both looked better than Argentina so far. Who is the Chilean midfielder I watched an amazing highlight video of the other day?
 Sent at 12:41 PM on Friday
 CB The myth of Maradona! that’s a subject worth blogging about. Why do you think the rest of the world loves him, outside of Argentina?
 Sent at 12:42 PM on Friday
 CW (after a quick google search to make sure, I assume you’re talking about Aranguiz from Chile)
 CB Oh! Campbell with one of the better Cosa Rican chances at 40 minutes.
what number is he?
(I’m going to try my best to keep three conversations going at once)
That was a brutal non-call at 4200. Was that a dive? It seems like a clear penalty there. Wow. I hope that was the right call.
 CW And I don’t have a clue about the rest of the world, but I was just reading a great article comparing Messi’s lack of popularity to Maradona’s massive popularity (yes, i’m getting side tracked here, I think that should’ve been a penalty but haven’t gotten a replay yet)
but the article was GOOOAAALLLLLLLLLLL
 Sent at 12:46 PM on Friday
 CW haha, but the article was talking about Argentina’s down economy at the time that Maradona had the hand-of-god goal to win them the world cup, and he is full of a swagger that was very appealing at the time in Argentina (because they didn’t have any other reason to have much swagger, according to this article).
 CB My answer to my own question, is that I’m cheering for Costa Rica for sure. Diaz! what a finish. Very sharp.
*Ruiz! I think diaz was the cross.
 CW I started rooting for Costa Rica during their first game, but I didn’t think about them much before the first game.
I was rooting for them against Uruguay (because ugh Luis Suarez), but then they played so well that I can’t help but root for them. Also, CONCAF loyalty.
 CB as our CONCACAF competitors, I saw them play some tough games against us, and as such, I was hoping both they and Mexico would play well. I will cheer against them regionally, against the world I want them to show up. And they play a pretty inspiring style.
 CB You hate Suarez too! Great. ESPN is way too in love with him, and he is disappointingly viewed as a hero.
 CW ugh. i’m not a fan of racism. He’s a personality, if by personality you mean disgusting human being.
 CB Maradona has one beautiful goal at least–that length of the field run against England. But Messi is great to watch almost every minute he’s on the field. He makes the little things beautiful; the goals are just icing.
 CW One half in, and I’m 2/3rds through a large latte. I’m going to be very caffeinated at the end of this.
 CB Haha, I’ve had a pot of coffee. I may cross medicate with an ale…becuase, you know, World Cup.
 Sent at 12:52 PM on Friday
CB quickly, as the 2nd half begins–what do you expect here from Italy? and what does Costa Rica need to do?
 CW do you know a way to get the full conversation?
 Sent at 1:05 PM on Friday
 CW I expect Costa Rica to keep pushing. Their best defense is keeping up the high quality possession, and trying to get back when Italy goes for a break. And I actually see Italy keeping up their patient defense while waiting for a breakaway. I think they trust their brand of soccer and think they’re the better team. They think they’re close, they just need to finish when they’re getting their great chances. I think they trust in themselves to get some of those chances in the net.
 CB I expect Italy to finally convert one of their chances, and be pushing pretty hard until they get it–that will allow CR to get a few open looks, and they’ll need to finish at least one of those to take this game.
Corner at 4850!
Hmm, too far to make anything off the header.
 Sent at 1:10 PM on Friday
 CB And a good response from the Azzurri at about 50 minutes. They’re buzzing and getting decent looks in the box. And now a bad call gives Italy a free kick from within range.
What a shot by Pirlo! right over the wall, strongly at the goal.
 Sent at 1:13 PM on Friday
 CW that was some great footwork in the corner there
it didn’t amount to anything. but.
 CB Brilliant way to buy time. They’ll need more
Woah! bold move, great clear by Buffon at 58
Who does Campbell play for professionally?
 Sent at 1:19 PM on Friday
 CW Arsenal?
 CB Google tells me Arsenal. This reminds me, I love the game, but don’t get much exposure to it through the sports channels I have available. ESPN started broadcasting more EPL games lately, and I’d like to find a team to follow. Do you have an EPL or other football club you’re a fan of?
 CW I think that’s what I heard during the first game, but he rides the bench. I expect him to get a transfer after the World Cup, and him to be starting somewhere.
 Sent at 1:22 PM on Friday
 CW And no, I don’t get to follow soccer to much. When I’m in KC, I go to a Sporting KC game or two a summer, but that’s it.
 CB Coach Jurgen told the US players about the showcase that the World Cup can be. Play well, advertise your skills, and it will translate to a newfound level of stardom, respect, dolla billz, etc.
They won the MLS cup last season, correct?
 CW Helll yeahhh they did!
And Graham Zusi, who took the corner that got the go-ahead for them, is on Sporting.
 CB I’m a fan of all things KC, except maybe the suburbs. Great to see Zusi stepping in for USA last game by the way, Sporting KC’s own.
hah just as i was typing it, and looking away.
 CW ahh, Kansas City suburbs, my childhood.
(but you were there as a KU student, right? gross (#MizzouAlum))
Costa Rica’s playing a tight back line.
it’s risky, but working right now. But I’d expect one of the Azurri’s forwards to get the break on them one of these times.
 CB Haha yes, and I noticed the Mizzou mention on your email, something I had feared. At least I never followed soccer as a college sport, so we can discuss the World Cup over neutral ground.
We could never have a civil blog during basketball season.
And yes, it’s hard for me to imagine Italy not scoring, apart from Navas doing his best Ochoa vs. Brazil impression.
 Sent at 1:28 PM on Friday
 CB This is an interesting subtext. KU alum and Mizzou alum. Can the conversation even go on?
 CW I’d deleted a comment that I feared would push it away from our civil conversation. So, if we can both bite our tongues, it should be fine.
having grown up in KC, I had plenty of practice tolerating the KU fans.
 CB The last conversation I had with a mizzou alum was probably on an ice rink in Jefferson City, where I believe at least a few gay slurs where directed my way. This conversation is going much better.
 CW Campbell is looking starting to look a little tired, I agree w/ taking him out, since they’ll need him against England.
 Sent at 1:34 PM on Friday
 CB I have found in Kansas City, that Mizzou fans and I can still bond over things like the Chiefs, the perennially awful (first place this year so far crosses fingers) Royals, and late night Town Topic drunkery.
True about that–Italy also looks out of ideas. Costa Rica could lock down defensively a bit more, and crowd the box.
 CW I continued to be impressed w/ Costa. They’re playing like they expected to be up 1-0 on Italy, and like they’re not the underdogs here.
 CB Oh! and IF this result remains 1-0, it sets up an incredible Italy-Uruguay game.
 CW And one of my roommates at Mizzou was homophobic, which kinda sucked while coming out. So I know they’re not the best about that kind of stuff (or, like, race issues).
 Sent at 1:38 PM on Friday
 CB I believe one of my wife’s college friends, at one point, chunked a big gulp full of vomit at a Mizzou contingent of fans at a football game—so neither side is truly perfect.
 Sent at 1:40 PM on Friday
 CW With the subs Costa Rica is making, they seem to be trying to settle in on defense and go for the tie.
 CB Big moment here–Ruiz passing the captain’s band off to the keeper. Perhaps this will imbue Navas with the power necessary to finish the game strong.
 CW also, is there a nickname for CR out there? Something catchy?
Poor volley on a beautiful chance there from Italy.
 CB wiki tells me Le Sele or Los Ticos
 CW (81:40)
los ticos. I can go w/ that, although it’s not that much shorter than Costa Rica.
 CB I disagree that they’re playing for the tie–though they may be mistaking their way towards one. They’re defending confidently.
Ooo, missed chance at 83 minutes for Los Ticos.
 CW oh, did I say tie? crap, I meant a 1-0 lead. I meant that they’re playing to protect the one goal, rather than go up another.
 CB Right–that I agree with. They no longer push forward with more than one and a half or so.
Beautiful give and go to retain possession from the Ticos there.
 CW how much extra time do you think this half will get?
I don’t think Italy is going to get too much more time to equalize.
 CB English speaking subtext: how long has it been since England have failed to advance from their group?
I think 4 minutes max, maybe only 3. The refs have been generous with time so far.
 CW I don’t know, but it’s also been a long while since they’ve actually done well, too.
But going 0-3 is really something else altogether.
 Sent at 1:47 PM on Friday
 CB They won in 66, and it appears… have been mediocre, but always advanced ever since.
 CW And I’ll bet 4 minutes extra, only because every other game that I can remember had 5 minutes tacked on at the end.
 CB It possibly goes back further, but I’ll let the English papers figure that out
 CW haha
 CB A bit of danger there on the corner at 89 minutes. Where has Super Mario been in the 2nd half though?
Does he normally play full time?
 CW I haven’t noticed him all half. And I’d hate to be a ref during any set play. There’s always so much holding / shoving, it would be tough to know where to actually call the foul.
 CB Referee gives 4 minutes–and is being very lenient on fouls. I like to see him let a bit go both ways, it cuts down on the writhing, diving, and etc.
 Sent at 1:51 PM on Friday
 CB I thought Los Ticos would play well, but I did not expect this level of defensive frustration.  What a win!
 CW so, the winner of group d plays runner up of group c? is that right?
(also, Univision is using the Los Ticos nickname, for the record.)
 CB Right–And CR has locked it up, haven’t they? I suppose they could get 2nd on goal differential if Italy or Uruguay blows out the other. But they look likely for 1st.
 CW if so, I think winning the group would be huge for Los Ticos. Playing Ivory Coast/Greece/Japan would be much better than Columbia, based on how everyone is playing thus far.
And yeah, if they lose and Uruguay or Italy blow out the other, they could get second, but that seems unlikely.
 CB Definitely. They’d be favored against any of those three. I expect IC to come through 2nd in that group–their last game is against Greece.
Exciting stuff! What do you expect out of France v Swiss?
 CW I’ve beeng rooting for Ivory Coast the past three world cups (basically since Drogba exploded on the world stage), and they’ve always underperformed.
 Sent at 1:57 PM on Friday
 CW France surprised me w/ how well they played in their first game, but it was also against Honduras.
I expect the Swiss to come away with the win, although I have very little basis for that.
I just have no faith in France.
(but I also wanted Ukraine to beat France in the one game playoff they had)
 CB Hah, well the bottom fell out for them four years ago. But they looked great against Honduras. I hope it’s close, but actually expect France to win by 1 or 2, and think a draw would be like a win for the Swiss.
france swiss
CW ouch, Giroud, the French striker, had a really hi play on the ball and kicked a Swiss defender right above the nose. I’m surprised there wasn’t a card there. And the Swiss player had to be subbed off.
(and at least 5 minutes ticked off while getting the player off the field)
 Sent at 3:10 PM on Friday
 CW France has had a couple of really poor tackles early on.
 Sent at 3:11 PM on Friday
 CW France is having some really good play in the Swiss’s end, and the fans are doing the wave (i really despise the wave)
aaannnddd GOAL FOR FRANCE!
Nice strong header from Giroud
The swiss defense is playing TERRIBLY
They gave up possession on a lousy pass, got outrun by the France offense, and then the goalie got beat near post.
 CB I’m here!
Damn Dallas traffic all to hell. But, I arrived at Dan’s Silverleaf, Denton, TX, just in time for the first goal. France looks incredibly dangerous–they may have buried the swiss just 17 minutes in
 CW and they’re looking for more. France is looking like the Netherlands did against Spain (although I think it’s just as much poor play by the Swiss as it is impressive from France)
 Sent at 3:21 PM on Friday
 CW What do you expect from the rest of this group, especially if the play from Switzerland stays the same? Who gets out between the Swiss, Honduras, and Ecuador?
 Sent at 3:23 PM on Friday
 CW (and as long as we’re giving shout-outs to our venues, I’m world cup blogging from Biddle’s Escape, a café in Regent Square, Pittsburgh, PA.)
 CB goal!
damn. offsides.
That would have made it a game.
Well, the Swiss are actually a – okay in the group–they could easily beat a weak Honduras team
 Sent at 3:28 PM on Friday
 CW But if Honduras can get the win against Ecuador (which wouldn’t be too surprising) then a tie w/ the Swiss could put them through on goal differential if the Swiss stay too down. Granted they’re looking to get a goal back and aren’t totally out of this game.
I should probably stop writing out the swiss from this game. one goal for them and they’ll be right back in the game, and they have plenty of time to get it.
oooooo penalty. seriously, swiss, you can’t go doing that.
 CB Oh wow. A foul in the box, and this may turn to a blow out.
 CW that’s a clear penalty
 CB btw, Biddle’s Escape, and Dan’s Silverleaf. it sounds like we are in a fantasy novel.
 CW the offensive player might’ve gone down easy, but that doesn’t matter much.
 CB The first penalty save of the tournament!
 CW wowwwww
and off the woodwork for the follow-up!
 CB THAT is how you inject excitement to a game like this
 CW yeah. now can the swiss capitalize?
 Sent at 3:33 PM on Friday
 CW and i didn’t take the walk that I said I was going to take in the interim, but instead read up on all the lovely speculation about Ronaldo’s injury (I say “lovely” sarcastically)
 CB Hah what are the rumor mills chruning out?
 CW he practiced w/ a brace on his knee today!!!
 CB As far as the equalizer–I can’t see the Swiss scoring two. They just gather the ball so rarely.
 Sent at 3:35 PM on Friday
 CW I’d be interested to see what a single goal did for them. or maybe they can get a sub in that will change things? I doubt it, but I’m hoping the game can somehow stay interesting.
 CB As a skeptic, I will assume Ronaldo is more okay than Suarez–and look what Suarez did. US should be very careful defending Ronaldo.
 CW Eh. I mean, you’re right, but I think he’s always been better at the club level. He’s scored two goals in the previous two world cups.
but I really don’t like Ronaldo, either. I want someone to shave off his perfectly coifed hair.
 CB This game is actually making me excited for the West Hemisphere v. East Hemisphere showdowns in the knockout round. Netherlands vs Colombia, or France v. Argentina
 CW West v East, and North v South
 CB Ronaldo shoulder trade hair with Beckerman
 CW (are they actually eastern hemisphere?)
 CB Oh wow, there’s the blowout goal
 CW (i’ve been out of geography too long)
 CB 2 on 0 rarely ends up anywhere bu the net.
*but the
 Sent at 3:41 PM on Friday
 CW (and yes, wikipedia says the prime meridian crosses through England, meaning NED and FRA are eastern hemi)
 CB France now has 6 goals in two games, and 4 different goal scorers? I’ll have to double check that-but everyone is chipping in.
 CW Do you think this game is showing the strength of France, the weakness of Switz, or both?
 CB Good! I still have those geography bee chops.
 Sent at 3:43 PM on Friday
 CB I believe the Swiss are being exposed, but we’re not learning much about France here.
Like when Netherlands scored 5 against a sad Spain, then nearly tied Australia– France is merely taking what they’re given for the most part here.
What do you think the best game of the weekend will be, aside from US v. Portugal?
 CW I agree, but I know I’m a bit biased against France.
 Sent at 3:46 PM on Friday
 CW Ghana really impressed me against the US, so I’m eager to see how they stack up against Germany. I thought the US had a great job (and and some good luck) keeping them at 1, and I think Germany has let in quite a few goals against weaker offenses in the lead-up to the WC.
Besides that, I’m interested in Belgium v Russia. Is Belgium getting hot, because if so, they might be really dangerous in the tournament.
 CB France is doing what England hoped they would this World Cup–use a younger, fresher squad to surprise the World. How well known are any of these French players?
True, and Germany has traditionally had a let down second match after their first match blowouts.
 Sent at 3:49 PM on Friday
 CW I really can’t speak to this French team’s roster. Benzema plays for Real Madrid, but I don’t know how much time he gets.
 Sent at 3:50 PM on Friday
 CW Benzema scored two goals in the three lead-up games to the WC (against finland and Ukraine)
 CB Germany v. Ghana will definitely be something to see tomorrow. I might be more interested in Argentina’s game than Belgium’s. Even against a weak opponent, I’d like to see if Argentina looks a little stronger. They were cautious and imprecise against Bosnia
So he’s their main guy. But a majority of their goals are being scored by players not named Benzema–that balance could carry them deep in the knockout round.
 CW I expect them to get stronger. I think they have a lot of pressure on them, and so the first game was shaking loose some nerves. Although the same could be said for Brazil, and they didn’t look much stronger (if any at all) in their second game.
 Sent at 3:52 PM on Friday
 CB Do they have Alexei Lalas on the Univision broadcast?
 CW Giroud is also a goal scorer for Arsenal, getting 17 goals is ’12-’13, and 22 goals in ’13-’14.
No, thank god. I seriously hate Lalas so much
(I think half of my twitter feed the past week has been me bitching about Lalas)
 Sent at 3:55 PM on Friday
 CB Hah, he’s so smug. He looks assured and disinterested in all his own commentary. It’s bothersome for certain.
 CW Oh, interesting, have you heard anything about the players union asking for the possibility of a “temporary sub” in the event of a player having a head injury, so the player can be diagnosed before determining if he can go back in?
 CB I haven’t, but I did hear about the controversy of the Uruguayan defender staying when he almost definitely had a concussion.
 Sent at 3:58 PM on Friday
 CW great tackle by Sakho
 CB Well, we start the 2nd half and the crowd at Dan’s (all 9 of them) is going crazy for Le Bleu. An exciting time for the French fans here…
 CW I think I’m the only one watching the game here…
 CB True on the tackle. All ball, killed an early chance by the Swiss.
Did you play soccer?
 CW Yeah, growing up. Started when I was 4, but quit before high school.
I was a goalkeeper
 Sent at 4:07 PM on Friday
 CB I didn’t really, maybe a year or two when I was young. I’ve been a fan for the last three World Cups–but I did play a lot of pickup in the park—which of course gives me an unwavering expertise about the sport…
 CW haha. I really understand a lot more about the sport now than I ever really did when I played.
 Sent at 4:10 PM on Friday
 CW With Costa Rica winning, they’ve assured themselves of advancing, becoming the first team from CONCACAF who isn’t Mexico or the US to advance to the knockout round.
 CB That’s great news–and Mexico stands a good chance of advancing also. If the US joins them, it could be a banner year for CONCACAF.
 Sent at 4:13 PM on Friday
 CW I would really love to see Ghana and the US advance out of group G
screw traditional European powers.
 CB There was a good shot from Swiss– they desperately need one, for the sake of the people watching this game….
 CW although i don’t really have anything against Germany.
shoot, i just want more goals, no matter which side scores them. give me a beautiful play to talk about. The second half of Germany v. Portugal was sooo boring.
 CB That would be extraordinary if both European teams fail to advance. But Germany is a favorite for a reason, they’ll find a way to advance.
 CW I think that’s the game that this compares to best (GER v POR).
 Sent at 4:17 PM on Friday
 CW France is playing pretty impressively.
 Sent at 4:18 PM on Friday
 CB Subtle things to notice during quiet second halves in blowouts: no vuvuzelas. Thank goodness.
Also, did you see how Vegas is losing money because of how high scoring this Cup is?
 CW No I didn’t. That’s great.
Who dod you think gets out of group f (besides Argentina)? Between Bosnia, Iran, and Nigeria?
The second place team will get (more than likely) this France squad.
 CB Exciting chance there at 64 minutes! terribly wasted though.
I bet Bosnia is good enough to win that. I watched them play a couple of games recently, and they are defensively tough, and dangerous on set pieces.
Iran and Nigeria are not impressive to me.
 CW yeah, I agree.
I have a good friend who’s half Iranian, so I often root for them, but with very little satisfaction
 CB Wow! what touch again there. 4-0
 CW He’s getting hot, and can really power them through this tournament w/ play like that.
 CB Benzema sounds like an ointment, but in reality, he’s a top-notch goal-scorer for France.
 CW although that defense continues to be lackluster (to put it nicely)
France is +7 in goal differential?
 Sent at 4:26 PM on Friday
 CB And it’s doubtful Ecuador adds a minus to that
 CW I’m going to go ahead and begin to root for Honduras. None of the other three teams in this group seem that intriguing, so I’ll root for another CONCACAF team.
 Sent at 4:27 PM on Friday
 CB This afternoon’s matchup will tell us more.
There it is! 5-0, this World Cup’s biggest blowout
 CW So, what do you think, is this a “prototypical” France win?
I’m asking in reference to how people often talk about world cup games. They said the US win against Ghana was a “very American” win. And I know what I think of when I think of Italian soccer, or Brazilian soccer, etc.
weeeeeeee another goal
France is really getting into a groove. Yes it’s terrible defense, but this will continue to only build their confidence.
 Sent at 4:31 PM on Friday
 CB Confidence is huge for them. They tend to do great every two World Cups–so look for them to make the semis at least. But no, I don’t think any 5-0 win can be prototypical. The is a France I’ve never seen–they’re riveting offensively. Very creative, unselfish–using everyone.
 CW Do you have any future blog-posts in the works? (not to poach any ideas, just wondering)
 CB Not any for sure.
 Sent at 4:34 PM on Friday
 CW I have one that’s more of just a question right now. I was talking to my boyfriend about how I like Dutch soccer, and he was like, “How can you even say that? How can you like a country’s style of play?” And he’s asking because he knows I only pay sporadic attention to soccer, and so how can I have any real idea about something like that.
But we do talk about a country’s style as though it’s unchanging (to a certain extent). And I want to ask things like what it means to say the American win was “very American” especially in regards to nationalism and rhetoric.
but, it’s already starting to sound more like an essay than a blog post.
 Sent at 4:37 PM on Friday
 CB Wow! the clean sheet is gone, on a spectacular thread-the-needle free kick.
 CW GOAL! and a lucky one at that.
 Sent at 4:39 PM on Friday
 CW well, good job to France and Switzerland for keeping this second half somewhat watchable.
even if there’s been no drama to it.
 CB Yes, and whoever bet on there being 6 goals in the game, just won a significant prize
France needs one more to stand out–the Dutch have already got a 5-1 win.
 Sent at 4:42 PM on Friday
 CB Hey, I like that essay/blogpost idea. He asks a fair question–you have 23 players, many of whom change every four years. How can a style of play consistently exist for any country?
 Sent at 4:43 PM on Friday
 CW And I think there’s a bit of an answer for some teams (particularly NED), where they have such a youth preparation system, that I think they can have a style of soccer that they try to maintain. But I also know that even that is a lot of nationalism that doesn’t quite fit when really actually examined. So I’m trying to actually examine it, but I also don’t want to do all the work.
if the swiss score another goal a minute, they might yet get a tie! (ha!)
 CB They talk about a similarly preposterous idea with franchises-Boston Bruins style hockey, Pittsburgh Steelers football- there is something to the idea of a place retaining a style despite their rotating casts of participants.
 CW this is really just making me a bit concerned about France’s goalkeeper, more than anything.
yeah, that’s a good point. Ugh, Pittsburgh football… (this place is craaazy about their Steelers)
 Sent at 4:46 PM on Friday
 CW Do you have any plans w/ the rest of your day? More soccer?
 Sent at 4:47 PM on Friday
 CW (also, I think the announcers just said there have been 17 goals scored in this stadium thus far!!! #Don’tTrustMySpanishSkills)
 Sent at 4:48 PM on Friday
 CW BENZEMA! Does 6-2 beat out 5-1?
 CB Hah, we ought to check if one stadium allows more than others. The rest of my day is spent driving back to Dallas, then going to a number of formal occasions with my wife. Tomorrow though! Im watching the first two again.
 CW oh, boo, the score doesn’t count?
 CB Did that count!? I think it does.
 CW i don’t know, they’re not showing the final score on my screen
 CB Er–it must not count, but if it had, it would have beat 5-1
 CW Heading to the public pool for me, then pizza and whiskey-cokes for dinner + mario party (it’s the boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, so we’re having friends over).
I’ve made him sit here through the two games with me, so we’re going to head out.
Good talking to you, though!
 CB Awesome man, We should re-hash this for an appropriate, schedule-accommodating day
 CW yeah, that sounds good to me

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Caleb is a poet and photographer from Kansas City, currently living in Pittsburgh where he's working on his MFA in poetry. He is currently poetry co-editor at Hot Metal Bridge. His work has recently been in or is forthcoming from: The Atlas Review, The Journal, The Laurel Review, and many others.

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