Poets on Sports

Why We Care About a World Cup Without ‘Murika


By Christopher Beard

Writing this from my old-model-iPhone, I apologize for any wonkyness of this post.

If America is ever going to care about soccer, then America must be compelled by the 2014 World Cup final four. This is not a challenge or a dare, but more of a hope. An expectation.

Less than two hours from the kickoff of Brazil v. Germany, I hope people are packing the bars in the city. Brazil has become an injury-ridden underdog story, and the decibel level at today’s game ought to be unprecedented, fueled by the fervor of desperate fans. Watch the anthem, it’s incredible.

Germany plays the villain’s role, but is young, talented, and dominant– they will display a forceful (if, at times, dull) brilliance today, win or lose. I find today’s game unpredictable. *LIVE UPDATE* : what’s unpredictable? Who would’ve guessed we’d see the worst 15 minutes in the history of Brazilian futbol?

Tomorrow, the ideal Dutch team plays perhaps history’s best footballer, Messi. They don’t actually compete against 11 Argentinian players, just Messi. And that’s unusual. Compare Ronaldo’s campaign to Messi’s. Equally paid (ish), both regarded as best in the world at scoring. But which carried his team? Can one man bring a team a title? Argentina has played some indescribably boring matches this far, but they (and we) have been saved by Messi. I hope the Dutch are ready.

Oh, also– no European team has ever won a tournament of this magnitude in this hemisphere. Much less Brazil. Ever. GAME ON!


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