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Changing the Game: Lynch, PAT, & What We Learned During the 2014 NFL Season


ICYMI, Marshawn Lynch is your new BFF–or your new guy to hate in football if you’re a hater of all things great. At his Media Day Press Conference, he answered every question with “I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined”. I’m capitalizing all the letters so that it looks like the title of his memoir or something. Around the NFL has a highlight reel of every one of his answers. The questions become irrelevant, considering he answered them all in pretty much exactly the same way… #BestMediaDayEver #Beastmode


Now that the Probowl has passed, speculation begins about what rule changes the NFL might implement during the 2015 season. When it came to big rule changes for 2014, not much happened that was noticeable. To save its own neck, the past few years have shown us new rules that lead to better protection for players likely to become concussed more than anything else. But 2015 might bring some more major changes, most specifically a change to the goal posts.

What coaches and fans alike typically see as a “sure thing” is that one point after touchdown kick sailing through the goalposts. However, the Probowl introduced skinnier goalposts– the usual 18.6′ wide gap was replaced with a 14′ wide one, causing kickers who don’t often miss field goals, like Vinatieri, to miss. How would this change the game? Over at the Philadelphia Eagles news blog, Dave Spadaro speculates that a change like this one would “change coaching strategy and put a lot of pressure on kickers who are now more successful on field goal attempts than at any time in NFL history.”

What do you think? Yay or nay to this idea? Of what was mentioned, this is the most intriguing possible rule change to me, for sure.


Comeback wins are not over-rated.

The word “Dynasty”, we still don’t like it.

Louis CK likes football.

Aaron Rodgers is dreamier when he isn’t injured.

Troy Aikman > Joe Buck

Bad refereeing = Bad

The Patriots are still cheaters.

Balls need to be what?

Not black enough” is not good locker room talk.

NFL: More Bad Lip Reading > NFL Bad Lipreading 2015

Letting people in the media dub you as “_____ Football” = Not A Good Idea

Odell Beckham can catch balls like whoa.

Domestic Violence is, has always been, and remains a bad choice for everyone.

Expressing yourself/your opinion as a pro-athlete can be important.

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