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Does the NHL Need Feminism?

by Ben Findlay I’m a self-identifying man, feminist, and hockey fan, and it’s pretty rare for all three of those things to simultaneously intersect in an important way, but it … Continue reading

July 30, 2014 · 3 Comments

Tigers Eat Fish: Miguel Cabrera Is Scarier Than Mike Trout

by Ben Findlay   Last night in the 2014 MLB All-Star Game, Mike Trout finally won an MVP trophy over Miguel Cabrera. You might have missed it. The moment was overshadowed … Continue reading

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Kacy Catanzaro :: American Ninja Awesome

What’s so great about this, in short, is that she completed the course in a flawless way because she is who she is. What’s newsworthy about it is, yes, she’s an unlikely candidate due to both her body weight/height… and her gender. People often don’t expect the same amount of physical ability from women like they do from men, so when someone, when a woman, can make a course like this look as easy as Catanzaro makes it, we talk about it. And we should.

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Return of the King

What’s possibly more fun than the NBA regular season? NBA free agency. The NBA free agent season breathes the same kind of life into the NBA as the year-round obsessiveness … Continue reading

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Why We Care About a World Cup Without ‘Murika

By Christopher Beard Writing this from my old-model-iPhone, I apologize for any wonkyness of this post. If America is ever going to care about soccer, then America must be compelled … Continue reading

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NBA Draft Coverage

by Justin Carter Here are some short takes on the Draft. Draft Busts Category 1: Players who will be lottery picks & end up as rotation pieces at best Noah … Continue reading

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LIVE Blogging, Costa Rica v. Italy / Swiss v. France

Hi everybody! Your World Cup correspondents here at Poets On Sports, Christopher Beard and Caleb Washburn, are carrying on a conversation while watching today’s first two matches today! This post … Continue reading

June 20, 2014 · 1 Comment

All 32 teams in Brazil have completed their first match. What have we learned?

by Christopher Beard Brilliant goals, ridiculous saves, and surprising results—it’s been a beauty thus far. To get us ready for the next round of games, here are a few first … Continue reading

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On Van Persie’s First Goal Against Spain, and the Other Five Goals

by Caleb Washburn That’s the kind of goal I remember dreaming I would score as a kid: a run right through the middle of the defense, a perfectly placed crossing … Continue reading

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A Nervous Start in São Paolo: Brazil v. Croatia in the World Cup Opener

by Christopher Beard The lead-up to events like this can give you chills, whether you want it to happen or not. I’m not a Brazilian fan, and like most Americans, … Continue reading

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