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Love Will Tear Us Apart: Fantasy Football Through Week 15

by Neal Kitterlin There comes a moment that is the culmination of all prior moments, some call it the singularity, the moment of truth, the magic hour.   For Adventure Team, … Continue reading

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Come on Grab Your Friends: Fantasy Football Through Week 14

by Neal Kitterlin The playoff push has ended unfavorably for me in two out of four fantasy leagues.  In my work league I couldn’t overcome an injury to Aaron Rodgers … Continue reading

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Walking to Mordor: Fantasy Football Through Week 13

by Neal Kitterlin After a week off from this column, I am here to report that the long slog into Mordor that has been the last two weeks of fantasy … Continue reading

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Soldier Field Storm Warning or The Death of a Party: Fantasy Football Through Week 11

by Neal Kitterlin Sometimes you are in a room very near to things happening around you but with little awareness of those things.  I have never been to a party … Continue reading

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Same As It Ever Was: Fantasy Football Through Week 10

by Neal Kitterlin This is the fantasy week where things both fell into place and stopped making sense.  My long-term keeper league team is finally gaining some scoring consistency, but … Continue reading

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My First Fantasy, Weeks 6-9: The Reign of Team Aaron Purrrrrnandez

by Karissa Morton Guys, I’m so behind.  I’ve become so preoccupied with planning my fantasy basketball draft that I’ve neglected y’all.  (On that note, who wants to tell me if … Continue reading

November 5, 2013 · 2 Comments

City Rising From the Ashes: Fantasy Football Through Week 7

by Neal Kitterlin This is the time of the fantasy season where we learn what has worked and what has not.  Where injuries have visited some of us with a … Continue reading

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