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Changing the Game: Lynch, PAT, & What We Learned During the 2014 NFL Season

ICYMI, Marshawn Lynch is your new BFF–or your new guy to hate in football if you’re a hater of all things great. At his Media Day Press Conference, he answered every question with “I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined”…

January 27, 2015 · 1 Comment

Draft Dodging: and family feuds

I have never been to “into” the NFL draft. This year, for some reason, I decided I cared. I listened to some sports radio, did some internet homework, looked into … Continue reading

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3 Tiers of Philadelphia Eagles Fandom

PROLOGUE: On 94.1FM WIP in Philadelphia during an afternoon ride home a couple of weeks ago, Harold Carmichael called in to comment on the three tiers of Eagles fandom. This … Continue reading

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#SnowBowl 2014 :: Eagles Erase Detroit

Yesterday, via my ESPN Sports Center app, I rooted for #DaBears over Dallas. There were reality TV singing shows on I needed to watch– plus, I don’t have cable. I … Continue reading

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Nick Weasley

by Kimberly Southwick Nick Foles reminds me of Ron Weasley. I know maybe he looks more like Napoleon Dynamite, but whenever I see him, I automatically think: omg he’s a … Continue reading

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Against the Spread :: Week 9 Picks

by Kimberly Southwick Would I be better at picking against the spread if I played Fantasy Football? Yes. I would probably be better, but I also would have no time … Continue reading

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Against the Spread :: Week 8 Picks

By: Kimberly Southwick I know, I know, I skipped two weeks. This was because I sent my picks in kinda last minute. Well, and also because I wrote a piece … Continue reading

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