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Against the Spread :: Week 8 Picks

By: Kimberly Southwick
I know, I know, I skipped two weeks. This was because I sent my picks in kinda last minute. Well, and also because I wrote a piece about gender and the #FOMOF commercials and a book review instead. That’s no excuse, right? This week was the first week this year I didn’t look at any “expert” picks before making my own. This is because I lost a few games last week that I would have probably picked differently had I not done some HW. Sometimes, HW is bad for you. I’m siding with raw intelligence combined with blind luck this week.
EAGLES @  VS  N.Y. GIANTS =================== 5.5
NEW ORLEANS  @  VS  BUFFALO ============== 10.5
KANSAS CITY @  VS  CLEVELAND ============= 7.5
DETROIT @  VS  DALLAS ===================== 2.5
NEW ENGLAND @  VS  MIAMI ================= 6.5
SAN FRAN  VS  JACK-VILLE =================== 15.5
CINCINNATI @  VS  N.Y. JETS ================== 6.5
PITTSBURGH  VS  OAKLAND @ ================ 2.5
ARIZONA @  VS  ATLANTA ==================== 2.5
DENVER @  WASH SKINS ==================== 12.5
GREEN BAY  VS  MINNESOTA @ =============== 9.5
Thank god I didn’t post my picks from Week 6 because, boy, were they embarrassing. Week 7, the underdogs in almost all the 1pm NFL games won either outright or with the points. It was wild. And mildly aggravating. After week 6, I was no longer in second place but instead tied for third. Not sure about the current standings, but I’m hoping people made the same mistakes I did in the pros’ section– I won a few of the 1pm games because I don’t pick down the favorites line as often as others do (yes, even against the spread.)
EAGLES——– NY.GIANTS ————- ( 51.5 ) ———— OVER / UNDER
DETROIT —— DALLAS —————— ( 50.5 ) ———— OVER / UNDER
DENVER——- WASH SKINS ———- ( 58.5 ) ———— OVER / UNDER
NEW ENGLAND — MIAMI —————- ( 45.5 ) ———— OVER / UNDER
I can’t stop picking the OVER for the Denver games, but I’m hesitant to pick it for the Eagles game, as they are still not saying whether or not Vick will play Sunday. If I knew for sure he was playing, I would have picked the over since our first game against the Giants was an Over. I know he’s been taking snaps at practice, and them not saying whether or not he’ll be in is probably a ploy to make the Giants practice for the possibility of three different quarterbacks rather than one, just in case, but considering its his first week back off of a hamstring injury also, even if he does play, I’m gonna stick with the under. If the Eagles are going to win that game, and I hope they do, their defense is going to have to show up, so that’s another reason I went with the under.
FEWEST POINTS: Jacksonville
SEATTLE  VS  ST. LOUIS@ ================ 11.5
This section above is filled with picks I kinda of keep making again and again. As you can see, I picked 42 again as my Monday Night points #. Old habits die hard. I also picked Jacksonville again for least points. Seattle is my go to pick this year, against any team. I read an article about them in ESPN Magazine in the beginning of the season, and it was all about how new age-y their coach and facilities and training are, and I thought that was cool. Good ol’ crazy West Coasters, bringing serenity to football. I picked San Fran for most because I didn’t want to pick Denver. That might be a bad reason.
TEXAS A&M @ VS VANDERBILT ============== 17.5
S M U  @  VS  TEMPLE ====================== 14.5
NOTRE DAME  VS  AIR FORCE  @ ============= 21.5
BAYLOR   VS  KANSAS @ ==================== 34.5
MISSOURI @  VS  SOUTH CAROLINA =========== 2.5
OREGON @  VS  U C L A ===================== 24.5
OHIO STATE @  VS  PENN STATE ============= 15.5
RUTGERS @  VS  HOUSTON ================= 6.5
None of the college games above are on my non-cable TV right now, and I’m pretty sad about it. I really wanted to clean the house/bake muffins/grade papers to the tune of a college game I “cared” about on the TV, checking the score when the announcers start yelling or when I’m waiting for butter to melt or something. Oh well. Instead, I just watched Texas Tech block an Oklahoma field goal and now there’s a PSA against texting and driving on. Don’t text and drive, kids.
* This is how the commish spelled it. I’m not sure if he’s trying to say that college is cool, stay in school, kids, or if it was a typo. Probably the latter, but I didn’t have the heart to correct it.

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Kimberly is the founder and editor in chief of Gigantic Sequins. She has a chapbook EVERY SONG BY PATSY CLINE (dancing girl press, 2014) and a website: kimberlyannsouthwick.com

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